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Happy 30th to Caddyshack!

One of the all-time great comedies, Caddyshack, was released 30 years ago this week (July 25, 1980).  Though reviews at the time were rather mixed, the film has gone to be highly-regarded.(even the normally-stodgy American Film Institute has placed Caddyshack on their list of the 100 best American film comedies.)

There were so many good lines & characters from this classic. What’s your favorite?  Add ’em to the comments!

Besides many great characters and lines, the film has given us some great memorabilia.  How cool is it that you can purchase a golf bag just like Al Czervik’s?  

As far as I know, there never was a sequel.  Never.  Trust me.



Thanks to Bri for setting this up. Even though I never thought I’d be blogging, he hardly had to twist my arm into doing this. I have no illusions that we have anything particularly valuable to offer here, so we begin in a spirit of humility. This is basically going public with the kind of stuff we’ve e-mailed and texted one another for years, usually with a salutary effect on our morale. Feel free to enjoy, comment, refute, or surf away as fast as you can. I think I can speak for Bri when I say everything is offered here in the same spirit as this great cinematic moment.